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This section describes OpenVino 1.0 "Malbec", which encompasses the OpenVino project as initially applied to Organic Costaflores. 

OpenVino 2.0 "Petit Verdot", currently under development, will allow allows other wineries in the world to adopt the OpenVino toolset for Transparency, Tokenization, and Traceability.

If you operate a winery, and are interested in adoption using OpenVino, contact us: info@costafloresinfo@openvino.comorg


Organic Costaflores S.A. is a boutique wine producer in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina, where organic grapes are grown for Costaflores red wine (blend) called MTB* – Mike Tango Bravo.


 The following sections describe the SIX Tanks, or silos, of information that we would like to expose to the world.

  1. Growing the Grapes – all things about organic viticulture

  2. Making and Delivering the Wine – from the crush and bottling, to storing, shipping and exporting.

  3. Managing the Business – general accounting, inventory, financial, personnel, taxes

  4. Selling Wine-backed Cryptocurrency – using the blockchain to build customer-defined pricing

  5. You Drink It, You Own it – how customers respond to their drinking experience

  6. Telling our Story – Getting the word out

Growing the Grapes

Viticulture step-by-step: How do we grow our grapes?

In this tank, we describe what happens every day in the vineyard, by implementing three tools:

  1. The runbook: A visual, didacticdescription and tutorial of our viticulture practices. Here we are sharing with the world a detailed overview of our vineyard activities.

  2. The daily log, based on a calendar of seasonal and annual tasks, the daily log allows anyone to look up what activities are performed on certain days of the year. These tasks will have icons associated, and color codes, according to seasonal and regular tasks. Logged items will correspond with specific vineyard coordinates: row, claro, plant.

  3. A real-time Dashboard of data collection: temperature, solar radiation, irrigation, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, and a video feed.

Collecting all this information will be useful for several reasons:


These vintage tokens are traded on existing cryptocurrency exchanges and Costaflores customers (distributors, importers, drinkers) are be able to buy and sell the tokens, which can later be cashed out for bottles of wine through the decentralized exchange Viniswap: https://openvino. exchange

You Drink It, You Own It

With this project...

Telling Our Story

How we promote..